Ben Glover


Chair - The Collector

Ben Glover is the esteemed Chair of Pinot Noir NZ 2017. Making the ocean he swims in his own, Ben has a habit of ferreting the ugliest and most delicious crayfish out from their holes to join him on his pilgrimage to the holy grail of palates- Pinot Noir. He’s the perfect person then to head this motley crew, scooping up appropriate talent and skills along the way.

Ben is the Janitor for his Glover Family Vineyards business – always cleaning up after everyone and ensuring that Zephyr wines are true to their single site in Dillons Pt Rd Marlborough. As a Winemaker with over 20yrs experience his soft touch and the subtle expression in the wines is what stands this man and his wines apart.

He grew up on the family vineyard in Marlborough and was influenced by a relaxed, yet focused father and a rather thespian inspired mother – a perfect match to even begin to understand Pinot Noir – practical, laidback, creative. He struggles to understand why Yosemite is not pronounced the same as Vegemite.