Embrace Explore Evolve

Culinary Programme

Culinary & Social Programme

At Pinot 2017 you’ll be treated to an exciting culinary and social programme, woven into each days’ theme of Embrace, Explore, Evolve.

This programme is being delivered by an all-star line-up of kiwi chefs, who will be putting food on the table alongside world class New Zealand wines.

Al Brown, Graham Brown and Josh Emett will join Pinot Noir NZ’s culinary director – Wellington food legend Ruth Pretty MNZM in delivering a three day exposé on the local food scene.

Ruth is one of New Zealand’s best-known food personalities. She been the culinary director for Pinot Noir conferences since 2001 and can honestly say that New Zealand Pinot Noir is her favourite tipple.


Tuesday 31 January – Embrace

Tena Koutou, we welcome and Embrace you.

As guest chef Al Brown says ‘Food is a vehicle for bringing people together’. It’s fitting then that he is our guest chef for the first day.

Al’s approach to cooking is all about simplicity and generosity. His dishes deliver uncomplicated excellence and showcase seasonality, and reflect our ability to get close to the source.

This is the beginning; a starting point to discover, reaffirm or recalibrate expectations.


Intermission – a Morning Tea created by Al Brown

Morning tea is taken very seriously in New Zealand. A country full of early-starting farmers, there will be no shortage of flavour or moreishness.

Lunch – Sit Down with Us – created by Al Brown

Fresh kiwi flavours with a focus on the food you’d find if you were visiting our homes and summer baches.

Dinner- Kia Ora, Welcome to our Place.

We kick things off in true kiwi style, with home grown craft beer and a selection of our finest wines. The evening showcases Wellington’s kingpin chefs, who come together to create food we typically share with loved ones. The bounty of our land and oceans.


Wednesday 1 February – Explore – An Exploration of Greatness

Hopara, Explore and discover with us.

New Zealand’s history includes some of the world’s greatest explorers. They’ve navigated oceans and climbed mountains. We find food in these places as well, and today we question and explore  ‘What composes ‘greatness’? What do we believe are the greatest culinary experiences that New Zealand can produce? How are they created and what makes them unique to our place? Guest Chef Graham Brown is the perfect ‘Southern Man’ to help us explore this. When he’s not in the kitchen, he’s racing vintage motorbikes and running his deer farm on the outskirts of Christchurch.

In the evening we evoke a banquet scene for the (slightly) more formal part of the programme. A sit down evening meal that encompasses all that is great and good about the ever evolving influence of multi-culturalism on our national cuisine. We will also be entertained by artists that also reflect the diversity of our country.


Intermission- A Morning Tea, created by Graham Brown.

Imagine mountains in the background, a quick break, parked up on the side of the road, treats from the motorbike saddlebag, fuel for further exploring.

Lunch- From Here to There, created by Graham Brown.

An exploration of both our own regionality and the way the wider world has infleunced our food. Graham will explore with us many guises and examples of a Pinot Noir culinary BFF, the sustainably farmed, grass-fed glory of New Zealand venison.

Dinner- Banquet Aotearoa, A Sit Down Affair .

Spruce up and look the part, be wowed by food and wine greatness. A sit-down Hakari (banquet) that explores the diversity of our food and the influence the rest of the world has had on it. Complemented by outstanding New Zealand Wines.


Thursday 2 February – Evolve – the future

Whanake, sharing our Evolution with you.

Day Three – Evolve – what will our evolution look like in this search for Turangawaewae? Our future and progression. Guest Chef Josh Emett is charged with peering into the Kiwi culinary looking glass and translating his views on where the future and direction of New Zealand food is heading.

The finale evening is all about festivities – a farewell party with delicious ‘future-thinking’ food and wines flowing all night. One of the country’s best party bands is going to be beating some fine tunes too. We’re going to take you beyond what we’re known for.


Intermission – Morning Tea, created by Josh Emett

Our world is changing and so are our priorities. Sustainability of our resources and what we consume is more important than ever. A future thinking break.

Lunch- Future Ocean, created by Josh Emett

As an island nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, our kaimoana (or food from the sea) plays centre stage .

The Grand Finale – Haere Rā.

Our chance to send you off with a fitting farewell buoyed with what we are thinking and doing over the next four years until our next Pinot Noir event. We kick off with a taste from one of most innovative food or beverage fellows, Garage Project. It’s Pinot Noir party time. Eat, drink, mingle, dance and farewell friends.