Al Brown



Guest Chef

Any New Zealander remotely interested in food will tell you that Al Brown is a national treasure. Through his ground-breaking television debut “Hunger for the Wild”, he bought the “kiwi cooking bloke with a tea-towel slung over his shoulder” ethos to the fore and showed us that fine food can occur in any location or any kitchen, as long as you’re using the best produce. People and place are key to his philosophy; wonderful friends and unique locations will always enhance an eating experience. In Al’s opinion, food is the vehicle for conversation, fun and memorable occasions. Al is the restaurateur behind Auckland eateries Depot and Federal Delicatessen, as well as the Montreal-style bagel factories Best Ugly Bagels (Auckland and Wellington). He has presented a number of culinary television shows, including Masterchef New Zealand (2015), and is the author of popular cookbooks ‘Go Fish: Recipes and Stories from the New Zealand Coast’ and ‘Stoked: Cooking with Fire’. His latest title, ‘Depot: Biography of a Restaurant’, was released in October 2014. 

Al spends his time outside of work with his wife Lizzie and two girls, Alice and Connie, walking his dogs, and fishing from his ‘new’ old boat, Nautilus.