Claudia Elze Weersing



Winemaker, Pyramid Valley

There is no bigger smile to be seen than Claudia Weersing’s when she’s holding a large fossil and talking about the unique limestone and soil composition of the soils at Pyramid Valley.  A devotee of the principles of Rudolf Steiner, since its inception in 2000, Claudia has brought the 200-acre farm into full Demeter Certification and it’s now considered one of the finest organic wine estates in this part of the world.  Claudia is the engine that drives Pyramid Valley’s profile, managing the vineyard & winery, overseeing domestic and international sales and marketing efforts (not an easy task with 20 export markets to satisfy) AND she’s a tireless ambassador of and campaigner for New Zealand’s diversity in wine. “Wine to us is a genie, genius loci; our task is to coax it from its stone bottle” she states on the Pyramid Valley website. “Wine’s magical capacity for evoking site, we consider an obligation, as much as a gift. Every gesture we make, in the vineyard and winery, is a summons to the spirit of place. Biodynamics, hand-based viticulture, natural winemaking – these are all means we’ve adopted better to record and to transmit, with the greatest possible fidelity, this spirit’s song”.

When she has time to step sideways from wine, Claudia is a member of Collective Intelligence NZ and loves to pour energy into the arts, fundraising, crypto currency and fashion…