Jo Burzynska



It’s all very well for you to say you love and are passionate about wine, it’s mystery, its history, it’s future and its people – but for many, it’s not easy to put it into words.

Jo Burzynska on the other hand is excellence personified when it comes to wine communication.

With a career spanning two decades in both wine and sonic art, she’s become a wine authority on our shores, despite being born a Brit. After starting her wine writing career in the UK, she moved to New Zealand in 2004 where she penned one of the country’s most widely read wine columns for the New Zealand Herald and authored the book, Wine Class: All You Need to Know About Wine in New Zealand (Random House). As an active sound artist, she has exhibited, performed and had her work released internationally. In recent years her two professional interests have combined in the creation of multisensory installations and performances using sound and taste. She also established the world’s first “oenosthetic” bar at The Auricle in New Zealand, where she curated a wine list to match the music in the space and hosted regular wine and music matching workshops. She is currently engaged in further research into the interaction of sound and taste through a PhD at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, where she is currently based.

Jo is also the owner of the fiercest fringe in all of wineland and her collection of incredible vintage outfits will make us all feel as plain as a plank around her…