Kenichi Ohashi MW

Ken-Ohashi MW


Kenichi Ohashi MW, was just the second to be awarded the prestigious Master of Wine qualification, even today he’s the only Japanese MW living and working in his home country. Ohashi is itching to begin tasting New Zealand’s best pinot noir right here on our shores. “I strongly believe that New Zealand is one of the most perfect places to taste pinot noir” he explains. “It’s a variety that is one of the best at reflecting terroir and this is due to the climate in particular…and having clear, high, sunny skies and a whiff of transparent fresh air that’s influenced by a cold sea current”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves Kenichi. Ohashi is a leading wine and sake expert based in Tokyo and also happens to be the third generation owner of Yamajin Co. Ltd, a fine wine, sake and spirits distribution agency. Adding to his immersion in interesting alcoholic beverages, Ohashi owns his own consultancy company called Red Bridge Ltd and is a director of Somersault Co Ltd, the largest group of liquor retailers in Japan. Ohashi also holds the Master of Sake title from the Sake Service Institute and has the title of Sake Expert Assessor, the highest qualification of the Japanese National Research Institute of Brewing. He also carries the role of Sake Chairman of the International Wine Challenge. “Pinot Noir 2017 is an opportunity for me to share and introduce a completely Japanese-based wine perspective to an international audience” he says.