Sarah-Kate Dineen



If aliens arrived on earth and demanded you point them in the direction of one of the finest winemakers in the country, just punch in “Maude Wines, Wanaka” into their GPS and wave them along.  Soon they’ll discover the incredible talent that is Sarah-Kate Dineen. New Zealand born, bred and educated, Sarah-Kate actually cut her winemaking wisdom teeth in Australia’s Hunter Valley. Developing her skills on the delicate and fickle Semillon and finely structured Hunter River Burgundy (or ‘shiraz’ to you and I) She was fortunate enough to be one of the first Len Evans Scholars, going on to become a recognised wine show judge around the country, which helped hone her signature winemaking style – making wines with precision and that are site-expressive.

After 10 years in Australia’s oldest wine region she moved home to one of New Zealand’s newest and to the family vineyard, Mt Maude in Wanaka, Central Otago.

In 2006, she and husband Dan, built a winery, started a family and so now she balances her love of all things wine, as a busy mum in a busy winery.  A self-confessed dreamer and smiley-faced schemer, she loves the social side and stride of wine and wine people. She devises Maude Wines social events, taking them to another level – some might say one step too far but she is never shy of a raft of willing participants.

So be warned.  She is the Energizer Bunny of New Zealand wine people and she will break you….in the nicest possible way of course.