Warm, primarily frost-free conditions, high rainfall and clay soils boosted by volcanic, greywacke and mixed alluvial origin meant that Auckland was once the engine room of New Zealand’s entire wine industry. The Henderson, Kumeu and Huapai sub regions to the northwest of Auckland’s city centre, are home to many of the eastern European and North African aristocrats who pioneered our modern wine scene. However urban sprawl has meant Auckland’s vineyard area now only accounts for around 500 hectares just over 1.5% of the National planting. You’re more likely to find the Auckland/Northland/Waiheke Island region dominated by big, bold chardonnay, pinot gris, syrah and Bordeaux red varieties, however Pinot Noir has a small foothold in some of the more premium cooler sites. And that’s what pinot likes – which is why the variety has spread quietly inland and south towards Clevedon, Aucklands most recent premium wine district.
More famous for Buffalo farming, oyster farming and of course, sheep and cow farming; Clevedon has recently established small pockets of Pinot Noir vines in its green pastures just 30 minutes south of the city.
So what can you expect from Auckland pinot noir? Food-friendly, softly-fruited, softly-spiced expressions that are packed with personality.


Kumeu River

Respect, patience and adaptability……Each is an integral part of the Kumeu River success story, not only in the making of a good wine, but also in the making of a thriving family business run since 1944. Kumeu River has gained international awards and accolades and have been considered world class by a number of international wine commentators. The premium quality wines are a result of time, tradition, and a genuine love of the wine trade.

Pinot Noir 2017



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